Our Services

As our social spaces are going digital, to stay current, our qualitative research methods must follow. 

We, the people behind Antropomedia, want to rescue the humanistic approach to the Internet. We’ll do this by analyzing the self-presentation strategies that people use to construct a digital-self by using Digital Anthropology as a research tool. 


Research and Marketing Agencies:

  • Understand target audiences’ online life in a detailed and profound manner.
  • Develop a platform with a global, regional, and/or local strategy.

Online Brands:

  • Understand people and consumer tribe profiles that interact with you, allowing you to communicate better and generate fidelity.
  • Detect insights on how audiences engage or do not engage with your content strategy.

For Small, Medium, and Start-Up Businesses:

  • Create better, cutting-edge general marketing plans tailored specifically to your company and your consumers.
  • Build the best possible website, based on audience-based insights.

Large Corporations:

  • Identify workable tendencies to be implemented in strategic marketing and business processes.
  • Develop a crisis management plan for your online community.
  • Know the perception surrounding your products and/or services abroad.
  • Shield your brand from critical topics you still have not detected.
  • Recognize unattended market segments. 

Business Consultants:

  • Develop a Digital Plan for your clients.

Educational Institutions:

  • Integrate results from our research in articles, academic research or keynote speeches.
  • Know student interaction dynamics.
  • Train professors in social media use and online learning environments.